Volume 9

Volume 9

 AZZI & OSTA’s Volume 9.

Volume 9 takes you through a journey in time, drawing inspiration from the golden era’s glitz and glam, immersing in an era of rock and roll and the concept of Anemoia: a phrase, coined by author John Koenig, that is best known as nostalgia for a time you’ve never known.

Look 1

Short blazer dress with accentuated padded hips and tassel embroidery.

Look 2

Strapless top with ruffled back volume and crystal silver embroidery, and straight pants.

Look 3

Bicolored one shoulder colored strap jumpsuit with open back and cape.

Look 4

One shoulder crop top with crystal trim, and a short slit skirt with crystal trim.

Look 5

Bi-colored blazer Jacket with crystal trim on back collar, and bi-colored straight pants.

Look 6

Halter neck crop top with crystal and pearl trim, and a midi skirt with high slit, pearl and crystal trim.

Look 7

Midi dress cut out bodice, ruffled volume on shoulder and crystal buttons.

Look 8

Strapless structured layered jumpsuit, tri-colored waist tail extending to back bow , multicolored tailored buttons and belt.

Look 9

Mini one shoulder dress.

Look 10

Long v neck back pailettes dress and tulle cape on top with crystal trims.

Look 11

Structured layered short dress with draped belt and button details and short Tail.

Look 12

Structured layered long dress with colored straps and low back, bi-colored with buttons and long tail.

Look 13

Blazer with asymmetrical signature bow, with straight pants.

Look 14

Strapless short dress with draped bust, button details.

Look 15

Half long half short dress bi-colored with tassel embroidery on one side.

Look 16

Midi dress with corsette off-shoulder crepe bust and slim skirt knit skirt and sleeves.

Look 17

Strapless long dress with structure bust and structured long side slit, with tulle and embroidery insert on bust and high side slit.

Look 18

Long sleeve tulle shirt with tassel embroidery and a neck tie, with straight leg tulle pants with tassels embroidery.

Look 19

Long dress with side crystal trimmed cutouts, open back and two high slit skirt.

Look 20

Strapless top with signature bust detail, with straight leg tuxedo pants with tassel embroidery on the sides.

Look 21

One shoulder long dress with signature raised waist skirt detail and crystal embroidery on bust and skirt – open back and colored shoulder strap.

Look 22

Long dress with thin shoulder straps, asymmetrical skirt and cutouts, with crystal badge embroideries.

Look 23

Strapless crop top with signature bust detail and crystal badge embroideries, a short skirt with high slit and crystal tassels embroidery.

Look 24

Strapless signature bust tulle dress, with draped skirt and knotted side volume extended loosely, crystal badge embroidery on bust and crystal tassels on skirt.

Look 25

Long sleeved tulle dress with crystal tassel embroidery, and a crepe bodice with cutouts under the dress.

Look 26

Corseted top with accentuated peplum, with straight cut pants.

Look 27

Long sleeveless dress with colored shoulder straps, low back and twisted bow volume on waist and high slit.

Look 28

Short structured layered strapless dress with pailettes bust and draped skirt with side tail.

Look 29

Ruffled gathered dotted tulle bust, slim cut jumpsuit.

Look 30

Ruffled gathered bust long duster shaped top, with shorts.

Look 31

One shoulder asymmetrical dress.

Look 32

Square neck corseted top with exaggerated sleeves and buttoned cuffs, a square back with high waist tuxedo style straight leg pants and button front detail.

Look 33

Bi-colored off-shoulder long sleeve dress with detailed corset bust shape and high slit.

Look 34

Off shoulder crop top with trimmed sparkle embroidery sleeves, a structured skirt with raised waist detail and spark embroidery insert and high slit.

Look 35

Abstract volume crop top, a long skirt with middle slit.

Look 36

Bi-colored off-shoulder long sleeve dress with detailed corset bust shape and high slit.

Look 37

Short Tulip skirt dress.

Look 38

Ruffled corseted top, a long Skirt with square high slit.

Look 39

Long dress with draped bi-colored detail on bust and ruffled abstract volume, high square slit.

Look 40

Twisted cut out pailettes bust with fully sparkle beaded straight skirt, and half bow on back shoulder strap.

Look 41

Tri-colored structured layered dress with draped belt and abstract bow back detail, and two high slit skirt.

Look 42

One shoulder bi-colored dress, with colored shoulder strap, low cut back and high cut trimmed slit.

Look 43

Long ruffled bust dotted tulle dress with a high middle slit.

Look 44

Long dress with cut out and ruffled paillettes lined skirt with high slit and back cutout.

Look 45

Sparkle beaded long dress with shoulder strap extending to back.